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How to survive your next menstruation cycle

How to survive your next menstruation cycle

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Achy body, headaches and bloated swollen stomach… let’s not get started on the mood swings, irrational reactions and frustrations with endless tampon and pad changes in the most awkward times and places when you experience your menstruation cycle. Help is at hand!


Life no longer must revolve around those five to seven days of menstruation which leave you feeling drained and weak, listless and socially inept. With a little self-care, a few tips and tricks and the correct menstruation protection, your next menstruation cycle does not have to resemble a battle of blood and a hundred gnawing gremlins.

Drink and eat right during your menstruation cycle

Depending on your flow, whether heavy or light, it is important to stay hydrated. Our bodies are made up of 90% water and internal system works at optimum levels when we keep it hydrated. Plain water can be boring, so add lemon, mint, pineapple or orange slices for feel-good flavours. Mix this up with a warm rooibos with lemon and honey, to soothe and comfort you.


Avoid caffeine, excess salt and sugar and alcohol during your period. Instead, get off to a great start with a healthy breakfast to keep your energy levels up during the day. Try warm oats or a smoothie and keep dried dates, red cranberries, goji berries or juicy grapes as a snack. You can also dice raw veg with a selection of pates and dips as a snack. Choose easily digestible foods too, you don’t want to feel even more heavy and bloated consuming hard to digest dinners at night.

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Pain free menstruation cycle

On days you are feeling crampy, keep a hot water bottle handy to soothe and warm the muscles and keep a box of over the counter pain medication to get you started in the morning or for office days when you need to be focused on your tasks.


If you use the disc-like menstruation cup, you will find its snug fit against your cervix will protect you against cramping. Avoid tight clothing and get moving too. Try a few belly dancing circular hip movements and think happy thoughts at the same time. Remember, your period arriving is a precursor to the beautiful opportunity of being able to give birth to a miracle of life in the future.


Exercise during your menstruation cycle

Perhaps the last thing you will feel like doing is during your menstrual cycle is your usual Zumba class or pavement pounding running routine. Against popular belief lying on the couch or in bed all day is not good for you either.


Help your body’s circulation with gentle, flowing exercises which help you to connect to and remember your femininity. Start your day with some gentle stretching so your organs can settle into place. If you need a routine, use an online personal trainer who will guide you through a wide choice of fitness or yoga routines.


Take breaks from your office chair during the day to stand outside in the sun and soak up sun-rays of energy while listening to the birds chirping. Our attitude defines our perspective, so choose to see the joy taking place around you.


If you are invited out, take the gap and go dancing. Get your blood pumping and you will raise your energy and your mood and soon forget about feeling miserable.

Blog 8 - Menstruation cycle

Cutting edge products for your menstruation cycle

Our menstrual cycle can be a time of emotional sensitivity and period pain and the thought of another grinding routine of cleaning and replacing messy pads and tampons, can make us feel even more weepy and unattractive.


If you are tired of arriving at work loaded down with packs of bulky pads and tampons just to make it through a day at the office you need to discover Softcup, a flexible disc shaped “cup” that is worn internally around your cervix to collect, rather than absorb, menstrual flow.  


The Softcup can improve the way you feel both physically and emotionally. Its made from non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, medical grade silicone and is completely safe when used as recommended. Abdominal pains are said to reduce  when switching to a healthier alternative like the 12-hour Softcup, which is so comfortable to wear you forget its even there.


You won’t experience any dryness or itchiness with Softcup, as it won’t change the PH level . of your vagina and it can be worn during swimming and sports with no leaking.


Softcup is cost-effective to buy and use, and you won’t have to spend any additional money on wipes and intimate deodorants to cover the odour of menstrual blood.  You can use one reusable Softcup for up to three cycles, saving you money and the environment and Softcup holds your menstrual fluid internally, eliminating dampness and odour since your menstrual flow isn’t exposed to air.


The real beauty of Softcup is that it works for up to 12 hours and can be emptied without having to remove it, especially when travelling to new destinations or in public restrooms. Softcup allows you the freedom to only deal with your period in the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom; be it at home or away on holiday.  


Enjoy a carefree period to fit your busy lifestyle and experience with confidence, all the activities you normally do.

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