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Still Reluctant to Try Out a Menstruation Disc? This Could Convince You…

Still Reluctant to Try Out a Menstruation Disc? This Could Convince You…

Blog 9 - Still Reluctant to Try Out a Menstruation Disc? This Could Convince You

Women – as are all humans – are generally resistant to change. This is no different from switching period products.

The majority of women use a combination of sanitary pads and tampons, but many of their lives are put on pause every 23 days while the red monkey does its thing.

There’s a better way, but it is very different to a pad and a tampon.


Perhaps this article, showing benefits and providing tips and tricks and feedback from other women who have “been there and done that” will convince you to make the leap from tampon and pad, to menstruation disc… and enhance your life.

Benefits of menstruation discs

Menstruation discs come with huge benefits, but if we were to summarise them, we’d say that with a menstruation disc, life doesn’t stop when your period starts.


Menstrual discs not only help with cramping, but can be used for longer periods at a time, and best of all, you can have mess-free sex, just as if you weren’t on your period.


Other big benefits include:


  • Not toxic to the environment like sanitary pads and tampons are, so your kids and their kids have a better future.
  • Collects more menstrual blood than pads and tampons absorb, and can be worn safely for up to 12 hours. Periods stop being A Thing.
  • It’s comfortable; feels like nothing is there.
  • Unlike pads, it can be used during swimming and sports, and without the embarrassment of leakage that often accompanies tampons.
  • No menstrual odour, because menstrual flow is not exposed to air.
  • Saves money because you can reuse them.
  • Keeps vaginal pH balance intact for pain-free sex, to be less at risk of contracting STDs and to prevent preterm births, post-hysterectomy infection, and pelvic inflammatory disease, of which can lead to infertility.
Blog 9 Still Reluctant to Try Out a Menstruation Disc? This Could Convince You

Tips and tricks for newbie menstruation disc users

  1. Wash your hands before inserting the menstruation disc.
  2. On average, it takes about 8 periods before you master insertion, so be patient and try it on lighter flow days and when you have time to spare.
  3. Lubricate the rim – running cold water over it may do the trick, or a pH balanced water-based lubricant, or even coconut oil.
  4. Try different positions when inserting and removing: sitting, standing, squatting, standing with one leg raised are all favoured positions.
  5. When removing the disc, do it while seated and keep the disc parallel to the floor.
  6. For peace of mind, use a pantyliner the first time you insert it, just in case. Once you master the insertion technique, you will gain confidence and trust in the product.
  7. If you feel the disc inside you, you’ve inserted it incorrectly, Remove and try again.
  8. It’s normal to see blood when using the toilet; just make sure the disc is in the right position when you’re done, or simply re-insert.
  9. It’s easier to remove if you make as though you are pooping. Those muscles help eject the disc, making it easier to reach.
  10. Don’t panic if you battle a bit to remove it at first; it is normal and will come out.
  11. If you want to remove it after sex, wait at least 15 or so minutes for the vagina to return to its normal size (it expands after sex and this will make removal difficult).
  12. Be prepared to get your fingers a little bloody. Simply wash ‘em right after. With practice, insertion and removal become easier and cleaner.
  13. Until you become pro, take it out over something that can be messed on. A towel on the floor or in the shower, or over the toilet.

What do real users of menstruation discs say?

These are testimonials from women who use the Softcup disc:


“First I was nervous because it’s a new product, I took a chance and gave it a try, and every month I am so glad I made this change, Softcup changes your mood immediately because you don’t even notice that you’re on your period, it doesn’t leak, smell or hurt and doing activity as walking, dancing etc, has become much easier. It’s definitely worth it.” – Rozanne


“No mess. No worrying about running out of tampons. I was changing my tampon every 3 hours with leakage. *cringe. Now I am not worried at all. 24 hours and I’m sold.” – Charnel


“It is my first day using it and I really don’t know how I went without it for so long. So much easier, it’s not uncomfortable and a million times better than anything else I’ve used.” – Sarah

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