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The advantages of using menstrual discs versus menstrual cups

The advantages of using menstrual discs versus menstrual cups

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Designed for better form and fit, the menstrual disc offers superior 12-hour protection over menstrual cups for the active modern woman.

Modern technology continues to apply science to practical applications that make our lives more personalised and streamlined; this is no more evident than in the design of the menstrual disc, the one-up modern day design on the menstrual cup. Whether a sportswoman, business executive or work from home entrepreneur, women all over the world are benefitting from the menstrual discs’ medical grade silicone that delivers safe, stress-free, 12-hour period protection to handle all lifestyle challenges while on the move – and in the bedroom.

While not all that different in appearance at first glance, the menstrual disc is streaks ahead of the menstrual cup in terms of form and fit. Robust endurance supports a menstruating woman from early rising, to an all-day office work day and even into an evening of romance with your lover; with the menstrual disc so discreet her partner won’t even be aware it’s her ‘time of the month’ and allowing them both to enjoy the new benefits of period sex.

From Stressors to Solutions

Ask any woman what her worst-day ever was and its likely to involve an embarrassing moment featuring a combination of lifestyle stresses such as a job interview or poolside lounging and a public period leak.

All too often, a woman’s period equates to one dreaded week of the month populated with discomfort, vaginal irritation, mess, odour and the disorganization of having to prepare ahead, and manage cleaning up the mess every four hours (or even less for heavier flows) when replacing period protection or handling an emergency.

While you may feel you had already found the perfect period solution away from pads and tampons with the use of a menstrual cup, we are going to show you why the menstrual disc is streaks ahead of the cup in the capability stakes.

Form, Fit and Flexibility

While both the menstrual cup and the menstrual disc collect your menstrual flow rather than absorbing it as a pad or tampon would, the menstrual disc offers a number of advantages for a better fit.

Menstrual cups are designed in a variety of product shapes ranging from bell or funnel designs, featuring a short descending stem for removing after use. They also come in a variety of different sizes. Due to their reusable and sturdy manufacture, finding the right fit for yourself can be an expensive trial-and-error process and it’s not exactly the type of product you can return for your money back.

The menstrual disc makes choosing the right size for you simple. Following significant design research, the menstrual discs ‘one size fits all’ was chosen specifically to fit almost all women comfortably and securely.

While the menstrual cup is manufactured from safe-to-use rubber or silicon materials in an array of colours, the menstrual disc is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate free. Rendered in a medical quality silicone, once inserted, the menstrual disc warms up to fit your shape by using the heat of your body to mould itself into the natural design of your vagina ensuring a perfect fit every time and delivering your own comfortable and custom fit protection. With the menstrual disc, you are assured there is no tenderness or abrasion over long-term wear or physical exertion.

Purposeful Positioning

On insertion, the menstrual cup is positioned in the vaginal canal (which can be a major cause of discomfort for some women) while the menstrual disc is positioned further up in the vaginal fornix, at the base of the cervix which is the widest part of the vaginal canal and is slotted in behind the pubic bone which keeps the disc securely in place and allows the vaginal canal completely free from any obstruction.

Menstrual cups are easy  to use

Easier to apply than a menstrual cup, first ensure you have washed your hands, and then simply pinch the ring in half, insert it by pushing back and down towards your tailbone then giving it a slight rotation to ensure the rim fits snug just past your cervix and then tuck the rim behind your pubic bone.

After the recommended 12-hour period of protection wear, easily remove the menstrual disc from a seated position, by hooking your finger under the front edge and pulling straight down, keeping it parallel to the floor. Even on lighter flow days removing the menstrual disc remains comfortable without any previous dryness or chaffing you may have experienced with other products.

What sets the menstrual disc apart from any other menstrual hygiene product is that on heavier flow days while on the run, you can empty your menstrual disc without having to remove it in a public toilet, given the convenience of only having to deal with your period once at home, you can also allow your menstrual disc to partially empty over the toilet bowl before removing a full disc of fluid this makes it a much cleaner and easier experience upon removal and will avoid what may look like a murder scene in the toilet bowl once removed.   

Emptying your menstrual disc is extremely simple and with practice, it will get easier and feel more natural to you. Should you find yourself in a public bathroom or one where you have no access to water to wash your hands, simply sit on the toilet, lean forward as far as you can and bear down with your pelvic muscles. This will break the vacuum on the rim of the menstrual disc and a flow of menstrual blood will empty into the toilet bowl to be flushed away. When finished, it’s as simple as sitting back upright, the muscles in your vagina bring the cup back to its proper position then just wipe yourself and leave the toilet

The 12-hour protection menstrual disc is so comfortable and discreet you can even enjoy intercourse with your partner, even without them having to know you are menstruating!

Menstrual discs are Affordable and Eco-friendly

The menstrual discs are one-size-fits-most and will last a menstruating woman up to three cycles. For lighter flow days, the menstrual disc offers 12-hour protection. For heavy flow days, usually around the second or third day of your cycle, you may have to empty your menstrual disc but keep in mind that is it only with a menstrual disc that one can empty it while on the go without removal. Just making having a period that much easier.

After just one month of using a 12-hour protection menstrual disc versus tampons or pads (which often need to be used together and changed every two to three hours), you will soon realise the cost-saving in using this medical-quality silicone product over any other, as well as all the other benefits like that of reduced period pain.

When compared against the cost of non-disposable menstrual cups, the menstrual disc wins again. While many menstrual cups claim to remain durable for anywhere between five and 10 years, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends replacing your menstrual cup yearly regardless.

Should you happen to lose or drop your cup down the toilet bowl during emptying or removal, you are also waving a heavy investment away too, as most menstrual cups cost in excess of R600. The menstrual disc provides an affordable and 100 percent hassle-free way to replace your menstrual disc every three months giving you the best of both worlds in both hygiene and affordability.

Perfect the art of a menstrual disc, enjoy the comfort and new freedom it offers women and you won’t want to use any other feminine hygiene product again.

Download our free guide to a happier period where we give you tips and advice on that time of the month!

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