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Your period never sleeps

Your period never sleeps

Blog 6 - Your period never sleeps

We have all been caught short with an unexpected period arriving at a time we’ve least expected it, and usually when we are the most unprepared. It’s always that one moment when you’re in mid conversation with your college lecturer about how to prepare for the upcoming exam and you feel that familiar flood of period blood releasing into your underwear. Or you are at dinner with a new date and the first shooting pains strike across your abdomen warning of the imminent arrival of that first heavy flow period day and as luck would have it you left home unprepared and unarmed.


The unexpected arrival of your period is likely to disrupt your day’s diary, make you run late or worst of all catch you short of protection or an opportunity to change your clothing if you’ve leaked through your underwear.


In order to avoid crises management moments and undue stress which can hijack your day emotionally, always be prepared for that time of the month with your period is due to arrive, so you don’t miss a beat and remain in charge and confident throughout your entire day.

Emergency Preparations for your Period

Today, there are a variety of ways we manage our daily schedules already, from a book diary in our handbags to an online calendar of meeting appointments. Plan ahead by marking your calendar with your D-Day date in your preferred type of calendar period calculator making sure your schedule it every 28 days from the last day of your period.


There is also a choice of period calculator apps online for both Android (Eve Tracker or Period Diary) and iPhone (Cycles and Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker) which support you in alerting you to the imminent arrival of your period.


If you are an adolescent emergency-preparing for your very first period; or if you are switching to a new feminine hygiene product, such as a menstrual cup, make sure you are familiar on how to use it before your period arrives. The disc-like Softcup menstrual cup is completely safe to insert when you are not even on your period, so this is a great product to use in order to always feel prepared. If you think your period will come on that day, simply insert Softcup before leaving your house and you will remain dry and comfortable while waiting for Aunt Flo to finally arrive.

Blog 6 - Your period never sleeps

Monthly Preparation Tips for Managing your Period

Make sure you have the necessary stock on hand to manage your period before it appears. Whatever your choice of feminine product, check you have back up. If you use a menstrual cup, keep a spare one on hand should something unexpected happen to it, such as having lost your purse or having your new puppy decide it looks like a fun chew toy.


Most women have a set of period panties which they prefer to use during this time, since this is not the best few days to be wearing a white G-string. Keep a set of black cotton underwear handy, especially if you spot for a few days after your period.


Having a good exercise regime as part of your daily activity will not only keep you strong and healthy, but it will also help you to resist symptoms of PMS and period pain. It might just be a daily walk in the local park with your dog or a stretch routine or yoga class with an online instructor before you start your day to keep your muscles toned and limber. Once you are in a gentle routine of moving your body, you might then progress onto weight-bearing exercise for bone density health, especially for older women approaching menopause.


Too often, we can lose focus on the simple basics of life which are integral to a healthy eating plan and the adequate amount of sleep our bodies require to rest and recuperate. By going to bed at a reasonable time you will support your mind and your body in managing any event which the day may throw at you.


We all know to avoid excess salt and sugar intake, and this is especially true during our menstruation period. Avoid caffeine too – found in both Ceylon tea and coffee – as this restricts your blood vessels and your body’s circulation and can increase the possibility of period pains. Rather switch to soothing chamomile or organic Rooibos teas and use honey to sweeten it should you require.


Since our bodies are made up of 90% water, keep your body hydrated too. Your organs will work better, and you can avoid constipation usually brought on by stress and period pains. It will also help your body fight infections.


One of the most effective ways to support your body against cramps and period pain is to supplement with magnesium and calcium tablets starting two to three days prior to the beginning of your period, or simply add dolomite to your everyday routine. This will also go a long way to preventing symptoms of osteoporosis later in life.

On-the-day Prep for your Period

The best possible feminine hygiene products to use are those that suit your lifestyle. Armed with 12-hour protection promised with familiarity with the Softcup menstrual disc, there is no reason you can’t swim, have sex or wear feminine white fashions when on your period again. Using your period calculator, you can keep ahead of your period by simply inserting the Softcup at what you think should be the start of your period and you will never come up short or be held to ransom by an unexpected visitor again.


Softcup is completely safe to insert when you are not even on your period so this is a great product to use in order to always feel prepared. If you think you will come on that day, simply insert softcup before leaving your house and you will remain dry and comfortable while waiting for Aunt Flo to arrive..


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